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Imperatrice Claudia Octavia Neronis

Claudia Octavia (also Octavia Neronis, Latin CLAVDIA OCTAVIA) was born about 42-40 AD, married Nero in 53, and was divorced and banished by him in 62. According to Suetonius, she was later executed on demand of Nero's second wife Poppaea. While this may have happened, Suetonius's details of this execution are clearly fictional.

"Octavia's banishment became so unpopular that the citizens of Rome protested loudly, openly parading through the streets with statues of Octavia decked with flowers and calling for her return. Nero (badly frightened) nearly agreed to remarry Octavia, but Poppaea intervened and forced him instead to sign Octavia's death warrant."
(From Wikipedia)

The death of Octavia was horrible. She was raped by two of the 3 soldiers that Nero sent to kill her. When open her veins didn"t work, she received a stroke of axe in her forehead. A line of blood descended through her head until her lips and she, in delirium, tasted her own blood. She didnt die yet.
"She's still alive!" - said loud a soldier.
Then they cut off her head to send it to Sabina. But they believed that even so the goddess Octavia could return to life, so they cut her body in pieces, and burned them till ashes.
Nero had nightmares with Octavia and his mother.

The woman Octavia was a Goddess for her roman citizens - and a mystery. Her figure was mystified in novels. 21 centuries after her spirit is completly unknown. Which were her dreams, her wishes, her hopes.
The romans adored her, It means she was captivating.
We all live on and on, so where, who, what is she today ???

Here you will find strange coincidences involving the name "Claudia Octavia Neronis".

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Venus - La imperatrice


I gathered here some amazing coincidences.

I am not here accusing anybody of being satanic (even "satanic" may be a controversial word), being an accomplice to the Entity, but we're all mediums of the Spiritual World even when we don't believe or do not think we are.

Welcome to a journey into the strange coincidences involving the name "Claudia Octavia Neronis".

Kali - goddess of time, change and annihilation:

Samael: the angel of death:

Most coincidences are in English, maybe because this is a timeless universal language.


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The Seductress poem (Dead Sea Scrolls)

Cover of the brazilian heavy metal collection "Web Hell":
Part I
[From her mouth] she brings forth vanity and ...
errors, she seeks continually [to sharpen her] words
And mockingly she flatters/deals smoothly
she insults altogether with [lips] of perversity
her heart establishes recklessness
and her kidneys ...
... in perversity they are touched and
her hands go down to the Pit
her feet go down to do evil
and to walk in guilt [of transgression]

Part II
Foundations of darkness...
many are the transgressions in her skirts
... eminence of night
and her coverings ...
Her covers are deep darkness of twilight
and her ornaments are touched with ruin

Part III
her couches are beds of the Pit
from the low places of the Pit
from her night huts are beds of darkness
and in the midst of [night are her tents]
from the foundations of deep darkness she pitches dwelling and she abides in tents of Silence
in the midst of everlasting fires, not in the midst
of all luminaries is her inheritance
she is the beginning of all the ways of perversity

Part IV
Alas, ruin belongs to all who possess her
and destruction to [all] that takes hold of her
for her ways are ways of death
and her paths are paths of sin
her tracks are strayings of perversity
and her [byways] are wrongdoings of transgression
her gates are gates of death
at the entrance of her house she steps into [Sheol]

Part V
[all] who enter, [they will not return]
[and behold] all her inheritors go down to the pit
and she lies in wait in the secret places
[near] every [corner...
in the broad places of the city she covers herself
and in the gates of the city she stations herself
and she has [no repose from walking continually]
her eyes glance here and there
and her eyelids she lifts wantonly

Part VI
[to look at] a righteous [man] and trip him up
and a [mighty] man she causes him to stumble
upright men to pervert their way and
[prevents] the righteous elect from keeping the
the sustained ones to cause to be foolish with
wantonness and those who walk straight to alter
their [custom] to cause the meek ones to rebel from God
and to turn their steps from the ways of
righteousness to bring [insolence to their hearts]
so that they are not [ordered] on the paths of righteousness
to lead humanity astray into the ways of the pit
and to seduce with smooth talk the sons of man.

Savage Amusement - album cover of the German Heavy Rock band Scorpions.

They played in RECIFE in the nights of august 11th, 2007 and september 7th, 2008.

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The Entity Rocks! an Earthquake of 8.8 - The Humanity Hour !

"filia Babylon vastata beatus qui retribuet tibi vicissitudinem tuam quam retribuisti nobis." (Psalm 137 ; 8)

The albun by German Heavy Rock band Scorpions.

"H" is the eighth letter of the alphabet, so the initials of the title "Humanity Hour" - H.H - can also be 8.8

The Book (apocryphal) of ENOCH was the first biblical book written about fallen angels.
Take the initials of the name ENOCH reversed.
Are the initials of:
Hail Claudia Octavia Neronis Empress!
A salute to Claudia Octavia !!!
Claudia Octavia Neronis was the first wife of the roman emperor Nero.

Important: the name Octavia is Latin and means Oitava, in English: "EIGHTH (8th)"

Claudia = 7 letters
Octavia = 7 letters
Neronis = 7 letters
Total = 21

The fourth studio album by Canadian rock band Rush, released in 1976:


The seventh studio album by the Canadian rock band Rush, released January 1, 1980:

The cover: A woman walking peacefully in the midst of what seems a natural catastrophe.

(cover artist Hugh Syme)
2010 Chile earthquake

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The 2010 Chilean earthquake occurred off the coast of the Maule Region of Chile on February 27, 2010, at 03:34 local time (06:34 UTC), rating a magnitude of 8.8 on the moment magnitude scale and lasting 90 seconds. It was strongly felt in six Chilean regions (from Valparaíso in the north to Araucanía in the south), that together make up 80 percent of the country's population. The cities experiencing the strongest shaking—IX (Ruinous) on the Mercalli intensity scale—were Arauco and Coronel, Chile. The earthquake was felt in the capital Santiago at Mercalli intensity scale VIII (Destructive). Tremors were felt in many Argentine cities, including Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and La Rioja. Tremors were felt as far north as the city of Ica in southern Peru (approx. 2400 km). The earthquake triggered a tsunami which devastated several coastal towns in south-central Chile and damaged the port at Talcahuano. Tsunami warnings were issued in 53 countries, causing minor damage in the San Diego area of California and in the Tōhoku region of Japan, where damage to the fisheries business was estimated at ¥6.26 billion (USD$66.7 million). The earthquake also generated a blackout that affected 93 percent of the country's population and which went on for several days in some locations. President Michelle Bachelet declared a "state of catastrophe" and sent military troops to take control of the most affected areas. The latest death toll as of May 15, 2010 is 521 victims..."

Detail: 521 victims = 5+2+1 = 8

"H" is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

(It can sound odd but it seems CHILE are the initials of

Claudia Eighth Is Lucifer Entity)

"H" is also the initial of Helel or Heylel

Helel Ben Shachar (Lucifer in the Bible):

In the Bible, the Hebraic text in Isaiah 14:12 refers to Helel Ben Shachar or Heylel Ben-Shachar (הילל בן שחר).
Helel Ben-Schachar is translated into English as “O shining star, son of the dawn!" The name Lucifer is a translation of Helel Ben-Shachar into Latin by St. Jerome in the fourth century.
Lucifer derives from two Latin words, lux (light) and fero (to bear–to bring), meaning light-bearer, light-bringer.

The name of the Goddess - The Flapper, she flatters !!


In the ancient Rome times Lucifer was tha latin name of the planet Venus.

...and Venus was the name of the Goddess.

Nowadays Venus is the name of the planet.

...and tha name of the Goddess is...

Lucifer !!!

Everybody knows that the words "LIVE" and "EVIL" are one the reverse of the other.

Nobody knows that the name "LIFE" may be the initials of

Lucifer Is Female Entity !!!

"[From her mouth] she brings forth vanity and ...
errors, she seeks continually [to sharpen her] words

And mockingly she flatters/deals smoothly
she insults altogether with [lips] of perversity"

(Dead Sea scrolls - The Seductress )

The Heavy Rock Queen and her coincidences.

An American Heavy Rock band with the name of the empress:


ICON was an American Heavy Rock band from 80s.

"ICON" may be the initials of ...

"Imperatrice Claudia Octavia Neronis"

(Imperatrice = Empress in Italian).


The first album of the great German Heavy Metal band from 80s ACCEPT:

Their vocalist was called UDO (and he formed his own band with the name U.D.O)

"U" is the 21st letter of the alphabet, so UDO may be the initials of "21 Devil Octavia".

...and Accept (from the verb to accept) in reverse: "TPECCA".

T.P.E.C.C.A = "The Pagan Empress Claudia, Claudia Augusta" ("Augusta" was the title for being an Empress).


DIO was the name of one of the biggest Heavy Metal bands ever.

Claudida Octavia was an italian Empress and "Dio" is God in Italian, but in this case can be the initials of:

"Devil Is Octavia" !!!!!


Uriah Heep and a love affair with the female Fallen Angel:

(I keep seein' our past Through my looking glass)

Everyone I see reminds me of you
I keep turnin' round
Expectin' you to be there
I keep seein' our past
Through my looking glass
But fallen angel
Where are you now?

After all these years
I remember the tears
When we parted you said
Don't forget me
You were ridin' so high
Now they're passin' you by
Girl I've never forgot you
Please come and get me

Livin' without you is
Hard enough anyway
But knowin' you're hurtin'
Makes it so much worse every day

I just wanna love you
Any way that I can
And watching you cry wasn't
Part of my plan
Tell me how did it feel
In your promised land
That you chose as
Your pain and your pleasure
A temporary sanctuary
Oh fallen angel
I'm your real treasure

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Are Satan and Lilith the same figure?

"O Daughter of Babylon, doomed to destruction,
happy is he who repays you
for what you have done to us." (Psalm 137;8)

1 Chronicles 21 :

21:1 And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel."

This is the first instance in Scripture where Satan is referred to and actually given a name. In Job It is referred to as “the adversary.” Here there is no definite article (“the”) and “Satan” now becomes Its name. In other words, just as Hebrew names describe a situation or relationship, Satan’s name describes Its nature.

From Wikipedia:

Lilith in the Bible (Isaiah 34:14).

"There is an ongoing scholarly debate as to whether the concept of Lilith occurs in the Bible. The only possible occurrence is in the Book of Isaiah 34:13-15, describing the desolation of Edom, where the Hebrew word liyliyth appears in a list of eight unclean animals, some of which may have demonic associations. Since the word liyliyth is a hapax legomenon in the Hebrew Bible, and the other seven terms in the list are better documented, the reading of scholars and translators is often guided by a decision about the complete list of eight creatures as a whole:

Isaiah 34:13 Thorns shall grow over its strongholds, nettles and thistles in its fortresses. It shall be the haunt of jackals, an abode for ostriches.
Isaiah 34:14 And wild animals shall meet with hyenas; the wild goat shall cry to his fellow; indeed, there the night bird (liylith) settles and finds for herself a resting place. 15 There the owl nests and lays and hatches and gathers her young in her shadow; indeed, there the hawks are gathered, each one with her mate."

(Coincidence: Isaiah 34:14 = 3+4+14 = 21)

From Wikipedia:

Dead Sea scrolls

"Another text discovered at Qumran, conventionally associated with the Book of Proverbs, credibly also could appropriate the Lilith tradition in its description of a precarious, winsome woman – The Seductress (4Q184). The ancient poem – dated to the first century BC but plausibly much older – describes a dangerous woman and consequently warns against encounters with her. Customarily, the woman depicted in this text is equated to the "strange woman" of Proverbs 2 and 5, and for good reason; the parallels are instantly recognizable:

Her house sinks down to death,
And her course leads to the shades.
All who go to her cannot return
And find again the paths of life.
— Proverbs 2:18-19

Her gates are gates of death, and from the entrance of the house
She sets out towards Sheol.
None of those who enter there will ever return,
And all who possess her will descend to the Pit.
— 4Q184

However, what this association does not take into account are additional descriptions of the "Seductress" from Qumran that cannot be found attributed to the "strange woman" of Proverbs; namely, her horns and her wings: "a multitude of sins is in her wings." The word "seductress" here does not refer literally to "prostitute" or at the very least, the representation of one, but one who tempts men into sin."

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Two representative shows in RECIFE

The map of Recife resembles the shape of a lion:

L .I. O. N = Lucifer Is Octavia Neronis
and she lies in wait in the secret places
near every corner...
in the broad places of the city she covers herself
and in the gates of the city she stations herself

(Dead Sea Scrolls – The Seductress)

Claudia Octavia Neronis.

Claudia = 7 letters
Octavia = 7 letters
Neronis = 7 letters

Total = 21

RECIFE (R.E.C.I.F.E) = Roman Empress Claudia Is Fallen Entity.

UFO: "U" is the 21st letter.
"F" is the 6th letter and "O" is the 15th (6 + 15 = 21 ).
U (21)/FO (21), So UFO numerologicaly is 2121

Lyrics of Rock Bottom:

Seventeen (17) a nature's queen, know what I mean
Twenty one (21), a long one, And you can see the numbers run
Now you look so peaceful, lying there asleep
With the wings of God above you
Before the spirits meet
--rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom

Shadow work is closing in above the lamps in your street
Lucifer goes walking down for you to meet

Minutes pass so slowly by the, hands on your clock
Heaven don't open when you knock

With all darkness closing in
Will the light reveal your soul
One sweet kiss on your clay cold lips
I'll know sleep you'll never know
Where do we go, where do we go
Where do we go from here.


Lyrics of Moonchild:

Seven deadly sins
Seven ways to win
Seven holy paths to hell
And your trip begins

Seven downward slopes
Seven bloodied hopes
Seven are your burning fires
Seven your desires...

I am he the bornless one
The fallen angel watching you
Babylon, the scarlet whore
I'll infiltrate your gratitude
Don't you dare to save your son
Kill him now and save the young ones
Be the mother of a birth strangled babe
Be the Devil's own, Lucifer's my name !